Anna was one of a priest's seven daughters living in a small town of Georgia. She was very young, when she got married for great love. Soon she became mother of two joyful boys. Perhaps, her life would have been full of love and joy if World war II hadn't begun. Sadly she had to split with her beloved husband. Soon she found out that she would be the only parent for third baby, girl. Unfortunately the family lost the house and at the age of 26 Anna was a single mother with three children, without no roof over her head.

Anna Iremadze

   Despite difficult years Anna found enough strength in herself to go on living. 

   Anna started working at the theatre. As an assistant of director, she had to travel with the troupe on all tours, so Anna and her children missed each other most of the time. She worked hard and she managed to get her family back on its feet. She raised three wonderful persons. K.Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre became a big family for Anna and her children , which relieved all her woes, except one...

 Until the last day of her life, She believed her beloved husband reported missing in the war to be alive and hoped that one day He would return and find her.

Evgeny Imedadze

 Anna is a symbol of a woman,  who can withstand life storms, without losing the sense of joy, creativity and aspiration to progress.

My name is Anna,

in honor of amazing grandmother.