Designer & Illustrator  - Anna Bakradze was born on November 19, 1980, in Tbilisi, Georgia. She graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, faculty of illustration. She worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for years.


In 2012,  she founded  AEMBI. The stationery publishing company produces several brands of paper products, such as notebooks, journals, calendars, greeting cards, decorative & origami papers, table games and other products, which can be found in paper shops of the company. 

Since then, Anna has been creating a design for stationery products of the company, working on technical issues of production as well as determining the company's development methods and management. 

NATURALISTIKA is the gift line of the designer.  Products from this collection are all decorated with naturalistic floral illustrations, handpainted by watercolors and gouache. 

  As a child, I was surrounded by people all loving and caring for me. I loved it, how my mother would tell me "ana-bana" verse, while washing my face, before going to kindergarten. I remember the feeling of excitement on the stairs of the kindergarten. I loved to rub the catkins dropped from the walnut tree in the garden between my palms. I loved to make a cradle with a handkerchief, to draw dots with fingernail on a transparent tablecover. I loved to sit on the ground and to fondle fearful beetles on their back and match them curl like balls. I loved to sit on father's foot and rock. I adored Christmas, because of colors and sparkling lights on the christmas tree, I loved family games, baking cakes at home. I loved to find a letter in the post box. I loved doorbells, my little wooden chair, barberry candies, dolls, kitties, puppies and people. 

  I had collected a lot of love and sparkles, so I decided to share all these. 


  I am grateful to my husband for supporting me from the very first steps to the world of business. Everything we make is created with love, processed to fine details, to achieve perfect quality, and to convey the inspiration seen through the illustrator's eye to the heart of each customer.