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Designer & Illustrator  - Anna Bakradze was born on November 19, 1980, in Tbilisi, Georgia. She graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, faculty of illustration. She worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for years.


In 2012,  she founded  AEMBI. The stationery publishing company produces several brands of paper products, such as notebooks, journals, calendars, greeting cards, decorative & origami papers, table games and other products, which can be found in paper shops of the company. 

Since then, Anna has been creating a design for stationery products of the company, working on technical issues of production as well as determining the company's development methods and management. 

NATURALISTIKA is the gift line of the designer.  Products from this collection are all decorated with naturalistic floral illustrations, handpainted by watercolors and gouache. 

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Fine papers by Anna Bakradze from Tbilisi, Georgia

Anna Bakradze.jpg

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